Reeseville Public Library

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a range of programs to meet the needs of

people of all ages in the Reeseville community for information, educational and recreational opportunities and for personal growth and development.

II. Library Programming Service

(A) Programming is an integral part of the many services provided for the community by the Reeseville Public Library.

  • Programs raise the library‚Äôs profile in the community and have a positive impact on library use.
  • Programs complement other library services by providing an opportunity to highlight collections, promote services and share knowledge and expertise.
  • Programs allow the library to forge partnerships with a wide variety of groups and individuals and attract both regular and new users of all ages and backgrounds.

(B) Programs will be provided for all persons regardless of age, race, religion, familial belief, gender or political affiliation.

III. Programming Priority

Schedule and budget considerations may limit the amount of time staff can spend on program planning and implementation.

IV. Program Requirements

(A) Selection of library-initiated program topics, speakers, courses, classes, and resource materials should be made by library staff on the basis of interests and needs of library users and the community.

(B) Programs will be offered free of charge, except for those that serve as library fundraisers.

(C) Permission slips may be required for attendees under the age of 18 for some programs.

(D) Library staff shall reserve the right to limit attendance due to space considerations or the requirements of the program presenter.

(E) Programs may not solicit for businesses and services. Activities of the Library, Friends of the Reeseville Public Library, and the Village are exceptions.

Approved by the Reeseville Public Library Board of Trustees on this __14th____ day of__December___, 2012.

Approved by the Reeseville Public Library Board of Trustees on this __24th____ day of__October___, 2017.