Reeseville Public Library Board of Trustees


This Organization shall be called “The Board of Trustees of the Reeseville Public Library.” 


Section 1 – Membership  

In accordance with the requirements of the Wisconsin State Statues, Chapter 43, Board of Trustees of Reeseville Public Library shall consist of: 

  1. Seven (7) members appointed by the Village President with approval of the Village Board.  Members shall be residents of the Village of Reeseville, except that not more than 2 members may be residents of other municipalities.  
  1. Of those seven, one representative of the Dodgeland School District. 
  1. Not more than one member of the Village Board at one time. 

Section 2 – Responsibilities 

  1. Responsibilities and powers of the Board shall be outlined in the most recent edition of the Wisconsin Statues, Chapter 43 and in accordance with the Municipal Code of the Village of Reeseville, Library Governance. 
  1. The Board shall appoint a Library Director qualified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction who shall assume executive and administrative responsibilities of the library on behalf of the Board and under its review and direction.  The Board will determine the compensation of all library employees. 
  1. The Board of Trustees will give an annual performance review of the Library Director.  Such review will be in writing and include goals for the coming year. 
  1. Legal responsibility for the operation of the Reeseville Public Library is vested in the Board of Trustees. Subject to state and federal law, the Board has the power and duty to determine rules and regulations governing library operations and services. 
  1. The Board shall approve the budget and make sure that adequate funds are provided to finance the approved budget. 
  1. The Board shall have exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected, donated or appropriated for the library fund and shall audit and approve all library expenditures. 
  1. The Board shall supervise and maintain buildings and grounds, as well as regularly review various physical and building needs to see that they meet the requirements of the total library program. 
  1. The Board shall study and support legislation that will bring about the greatest good to the greatest number of library users. 
  1. The Board shall cooperate with other public officials and boards and maintain vital public relations. 
  1. The Board shall approve and submit the required annual report to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Village Board. 

Section 3 – Terms 

Terms of Trustees will be staggered and for three (3) years, with the reappointment at the discretion of the Village President. 

Section 4 – Attendance 

Trustees are expected to attend all meetings.  If attendance is not possible, the Trustee should contact the Library Director or President of Trustees in advance.  Trustee resignation shall be automatic after any Trustee accumulates three unexcused absences within one year. 


Section 1 – Offices/Officers 

  1. Offices of the Board of Trustees shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. 
  1. No member shall hold more than one office at a time. 
  1. Officers shall be elected at the Meeting in July and hold said office until successors are duly elected. 
  1. Nominating Committee for officers shall be all members of the Board of Trustees. 

Section 2 – President 

President of the Board of Trustees shall: 

  1. Preside at all meetings 
  1. Appoint standing or ad hoc committees 
  1. Authorize calls for special meetings 
  1. Perform duties of presiding officer 
  1. Be member of any committee 
  1. Regularly review accounts and trusts held by the Board 
  1. Keep the Director informed of all Board decisions 
  1. Appoint a Board member or the Director to represent the Library on the County, Regional, State, or System Boards or Committees as requested by such agencies. 

Section 3 – Vice President 

Vice President of the Board of Trustees shall: 

  1. Preside in absence of President 
  1. Assume and perform duties of the President, in case of vacancy. 

Section 4 – Secretary 

Secretary of Board of Trustees shall: 

  1. Keep true and accurate account of all proceedings of the Board meetings 
  1. Shall issue notice of all regular and special meetings. 

Section 5 – Treasurer 

Treasurer of the Board of Trustees shall: 

  1. Review bills incurred by the library. 
  1. Dis/approve payment of these with authority from the Board 
  1. Shall make monthly reports to the Board showing in detail the amount and investment of, and income disbursements from, the funds in their charge. 
  1. In association with the President, regularly review accounts and trusts held by the Board. 


Section 1 – Meetings 

  1. Annual, special, regular and committee meetings of the Board shall be held in accordance with the Open Meeting Law, Wisconsin State Statues, Chapter 19. 
  1. Members of the public wishing to address the Board on a specific issue shall request the issue placed on the agenda not later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the time established for the respective meeting.  
  1. Parliamentary procedure and the most current publication of Robert’s Rule of Order will be observed at all Board and committee meetings. 
  1. Public notice of every meeting with agenda, date, place and time shall be posted at a minimum of three (3) locations within the Village, including the library. 
  1. All Board members shall receive an agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting at least two (2) days prior to the meeting date.  Suggested agenda topics and written contributions from library staff shall be submitted for the inclusion in Board meeting packets. 
  1. The suggested order of business at regular Board meetings may be as follows: 
  1. Call to Order 
  1. Reading of Minutes 
  1. Correspondence, Appearance, Public Comment  
  1. Director’s Report 
  1. Unfinished Business 
  1. New Business 
  1. Date, place and time of next meeting 
  1. Adjournment 
  1. The Reeseville Village Attorney will be consulted for legal matters, investments, and controversial issues. 
  1. A quorum at any Board of Trustees meeting shall consist of a majority of members in attendance. 
  1. Majority of affirmative votes of all Board members present at any meeting shall be necessary to approve any action.  A role call vote may be prudent in certain business or financial matters. 
  1. President may vote upon, make motion or second a proposal before the Board. 

Section 2 – Regular Meetings 

Regular meetings shall be held at least monthly: date, hour, and place to be determined by the Board of Trustees. 

Section 3 – Annual Meeting 

An Annual Meeting shall be held at the time of the regular monthly meeting in the month of July.   

Section 4 – Special Meetings 

  1. Special meetings can be held at the call of the Board President, Secretary or the call of any three (3) members of the Board. 
  1. All Trustees shall receive notice of such meetings at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of such meeting.  


  1. The President shall appoint committees of one or more members each for such specific purposes as Board business may require. 
  1. Each Committee will stand for two (2) years. 
  1. Committees may be appointed by President for special purposes and may be dissolved after such purposes have been accomplished. 
  1. All committees, which have met since the previous Board meeting, shall make progress reports to the Board at each regular meeting. 
  1. Committees whose members are appointed by the President may include: 
  1. Financial 
  1. Personnel 
  1. Policy 
  1. Building/grounds 
  1. No committees will have any other than advisory authority unless given such action of the Board. 


  1. Board members may not in their private capacity negotiate, bid for, or enter into a contract with the Reeseville Public Library in which they have a direct or indirect financial interest.  
  1. A board member shall withdraw from Board discussion, deliberation, and vote on any matter in which the Board member, an immediate family member, or an organization with which the Board member is associated has a substantial financial interest.  
  1. A board member may not receive anything of value that could reasonably be expected to influence his or her vote or other official action.  


The Library Director shall: 

  1. Attend all Board meetings but shall have no vote. 
  1. Perform performance appraisals for all library staff 
  1. Inform library staff of decision and matters of importance concerning Board and Library administration, policy, and services. 
  1. Be responsible for direction and supervision of all library staff. 
  1. Oversee care and maintenance of library property. 
  1. Make and/or approve selection of materials in accordance with Board policy. 
  1. Ensure efficiency and quality of library services to the public. 
  1. Oversee financial operation of the library within confines of budgeted appropriations. 
  1. Compile and prepare necessary reports. 
  1. Recommend to the Board purchases of equipment or furnishings exceeding $500.00. 
  1. Have authority to appoint or terminate without prior Board approval the appointment of library staff provided such appointment is reported to the Board at the next meeting. 
  1. Designate library staff to perform the responsibilities of the Director in the event of absence, vacation or position vacancy.  


  1. Recognizing the importance of the library system concepts to growth and success of the library services in Wisconsin, the Reeseville Public Library commits itself to membership in the Monarch Library System in accordance with agreements and contracts approved and signed with that System by municipal and library Officers. 
  1. As a member of the Monarch Library System, this library agrees to strive to meet the state standard of service as outlined by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 


Proposed changes or additions submitted by a Trustee are to be: 

  1. Presented at regular Board meetings. 
  1. Voted upon at regular Board meetings. 
  1. Reviewed annually by the Board, or its committee, to keep current. 

Amended by the Board of Trustees of the Reeseville Public Library on the 15th day of February, 2022.